Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's funny how important small things are

Yesterday when I was making my bed, I lifted my blanket swiftly to spread it across to make it neat looking.
Then I heard a BANG against the wall; it was my phone.

I guess it was somewhere it the wreckage of my bed and got thrown against the wall and snapped in half

Now i'm without a phone, it's only been 1 day but it's making me feel so cut off from the world, even though it shouldn't since it's just a phone, it just keeps you in contact with people that arn't in distance of you

it doesn't have anything to do with "being in tune" with your world

still sucks though

Hopefully I'll get another one soon, warranty wore off a year ago so i'm out of luck on that one, and my bank is all screwy and I can't use my debit card for some unknown reason.

Gonna figure all that out tomorrow

So to all the fam and friends, don't get mad if I don't reply, you now know why :]

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nonstop writing excercise Pt 2: Eden

Havn't decided whether I wanna type philosophically or a short fictional story on the fly

No Brainstorming allowed


Squinting one of my eyes, I stretched my slumbering extremedies, shaking loose all signs of hibernation through this unseasonal atmosphere. Another dreamless night. A soft, cool kiss of a perfectly timed breeze swept through the air running its fingers over my newly awakened body. Rubbing away the overnight fog in my eyes, I lay there, basking in the light penetrating through a limitless skyline of clouds, piercing its way to the bullseye of my iris. Shifting my head, I feel the dirt attach itself to the back of my skull, grass swaying with me as if lovers of my folicles, desperatly not wanting to part. Looking upwards, theres the sight that blesses and haunts me every waking moment; the tree. Clad in bark unpenetrable, it had never shed a leaf, nor changed shape. For as long as I can fathom, it had always had powerful, almost sickening statuesque features that would glue an eye for eternity. From my mossy thatch bedding, creaking bones as if I were an ill oiled door, I pulled myself up. Yet another perfectly timed breeze gently washed itself over my body, refreshing every pore of me. I looked around the area that had been my cradle for the time i've been alive. The earth around my feet stretched maybe in a 20 foot radius, then disapitates into the horizon, melding into one another, interlocking my fate. I had never left the comfort of the shade of the tree, there was no need to, curiousity was not something that had been planted inside me; but today felt different. From behind me I hear a crack of something snapping off above my head, and before I could turn around there was a loud thud on the ground. I looked down to see that one of the parts of my beloved tree had fallen down to me. It was the most gorgeous thing I had seen in my span, crimson red with flowing tints of yellow, matching that of the sky around me, it had a solid shape and enticing features. I felt something knew grow inside of me, what was this tuggin notion inside me? I felt scared, bewildered even, but alive for the first time. Before I could thuroughly think, my hand reached out for the object, and picked it up cleary longing to feed the hunger of my senses. At the touch I felt my heart palpitate, blood thickening, and thoughts brewing. To be in the prescense of something so breathtakingly pristine, it felt as if this had been the masterpiece I had been trying to attain. Then a river of turmoil rushed itself over me, weighing me with guilt of my actions; Was I being tested? It soured my thoughts to think that fate had such a cruel taste of humor, me being the puppet star of his antics. A break in the line seperating earth from sky caught my eye, it looked like another one of these masterpieces, were my eyes playing tricks on me as well? Was I now turning against myself due to a lack of will? No, there was no way there was anything, I decided that it was nothing and began to awe over this "gift". Again! I saw something drift at the edge of the abyss again out of the corner of my eye! Should I give into the overbearing feeling of curiosity? Before I could begin to weigh the pros and cons, my legs were already sprinting for the first time towards the edge. Skidding down onto my knees and sliding twords the finish line, I looked strait down, my heart bursting with feelings of ecstacy. But what I thought was another gift was an image that left me dumbfounded. It was that of a reflection yet not, the sky below was blue and dark, unlike the vastly lit heavens I adored. The spitting image of me was shrouded in shadow, barely visible features the face. I knelt there for a long while, studying the structure beneath what had been my manger. It was shaped like an hourglass, earth thining to the middle, then thickening out to another plateau, suspending. The looming figure blankly stared at me, motionless, mimicking me. I began to wonder how this could be a reflection, there was no water, no surface, just vastness. Still peering, out of no where, the figure began to move on it's own accord, raising its own crimson beauty to his mouth. Slowly, he bore his teeth and took a bite out of it. I gasped in terror; how could someone do something so detestable to such a glorious thing. Just then, like a drop of paint in clear water, the sky below me that was once cursed into darkness, lit up and began to become clear creme and pink, similar to my own. Trees began to sprout around him, growing arms and limbs, springing forth more red and yellow works of art that it it began to fill up the sky itself to the brim! I became an audience member, mouth too petrified with awe to react and say anything, as if he would hear me. He stood there smiling, ecstatic with his new life and all the presents surrounding his newly painted canvas of a home. Filled with desire and temptation, I replicated the scene, sinking my enamel covered bones into this miracle, but my second act was much different. Darkness filled my sky, the excitement that was overflowing in me popped a leak and drained faster than it came, filling up with fear in its stead. I looked down, the figure was wearing a sinister look, he removed himself slowly from my sight. I reach over the edge to grasp at anything and let out a shriek, but nothing came. I swiftly jolted my body upright to run to the comforting warmth of my tree, my protector, but I instantly feel to my knees; roots had wrapped around me, pulling me into the soil itself. Fear filled my heart, I clawed at the raw earth to escape, desperatly trying to free myself from these vine chains, but there was no use. I slowly dissapeared into the flesh of my world, sinking towards the rough bark of my life-long companion. Shoulder deep I could not flail any longer, I became calm and accepted what was going to befall me. Nose deep now, drowning in my organic antagonist, I could spot a sprout at the base of the tree, growing a flower with pedals of crimson red and tints of yellow. Had I passed the test?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MoMo, activate!

Greeting interweb, I, Michael Ramey am now part of the net!

Joking aside, I have been basically all my life, just finally made a blogspot to keep in touch with more family members and get updates more often.
More interesting topic, I found out that tapioca pudding is the best food for your brain.

While you think about that one, I'm going to be lazy and sign off already, more to come!